We seek to bring together deep sector knowledge and deal-flow with a fully resourced and experienced fund manager


>_fund:tmt was born to address a funding gap in the market, between early stage investors and traditional private equity. Time and time again, we were seeing high quality businesses struggle to find suitable strategic funding to help them grow and thrive. For us, it’s about ‘more than just the money’ and ensuring you have a partner who brings a wealth of other values to the table too – but more of that below.

>_fund:tmt was established in mid-2017, and quickly closed its initial fundraising target in August of the same year. It becomes the third fund under management by Spark Impact Limited (see www.sparkimpact.co.uk for more detail on the others) and is another step towards further supporting businesses in the UK.

We have grand ambitions to continue supporting exciting and scalable businesses in the sector for many years to come, so Fund I is very much the first step. As such, the team we have established has over 250 years’ experience between them, across a range of roles, sectors and disciplines.

It is this experienced, entrepreneur-focussed model that we believe is needed to help the innovative TMT sector continue to be a success in the UK – driving with it job creation, economic growth and social good for all.


In a time where funding for the TMT sector is as high as it’s ever been, never has it been so important to pick the right partner for your business. And that’s where we come in.

By bringing together a wealth of investment, advisory and entrepreneurial experience we can help guide your growing business through the trials and tribulations that inevitably come. An active investor, we will be in regular dialogue with management to ensure they achieve their aspirations and more.

On top of this, the bulk of our investors to date are TMT entrepreneurs – most of which have been through these similar challenges, and often have the scars to show it. Our aim will be to match your business with these experts, who will further help and advise from a sector-specific standpoint, as well as opening their network to further facilitate growth and opportunities.

By bringing together all of the above, we feel this is a real value-add proposition – one geared towards helping ambitious entrepreneurs achieve their goals alongside a supportive and equally driven investor.


Our goal is simple – support as many entrepreneurs as we can, helping to drive growth and scale with our wide network and experience. We ourselves will think about things with an entrepreneurial mind set, bringing innovative ideas and forming ambitious strategies to achieve successful business outcomes.

We plan to continue growing ourselves, expanding funds under management and constantly looking for new investors and entrepreneurs to partner with along the journey. Fund II is already in our thinking, where we plan to do more of the same and continue in our quest to grow TMT businesses across the UK.